Paints & Colour Selection

Paints Selection

We provide different types of paint such as Nippon Paints, ICI Paints, Dulux Paints and Jotun Paints.

We have wide range of paints selection such as:

Water based paint

Water based paint are thinned and easily cleaned up with water, thus making it possible to avoid using chemicals such as turpentine, whose fumes may be harmful if inhaled (making it necessary to take precautions, such as using the solvent in a ventilated environment).

Matt finish paint

Matt finish paint have a very dull finish that doesnt reflect much light. It’s the most suitable to the people who dislike reflective wall.

Satin shine paint

The satin paint is also commonly known as eggshell paint and low sheen paint. It has a delicate, smooth, soft, and glossy look that has properties to hold up to light scrubbing. The paint gets its name from the fact that the paint has the shine and luster of a fresh eggshell.

For those who have kids staying in your house or wan to paint places like restaurant and hospital, we provide paint such as:

– Odourless air care

– Odourless premium all in 1

– Spot-less

No worries! we will choose the paint based on your budget.

Colour Selection

We have a variety of paint colours for you to choose. We know that color is a personal thing. Taking into account your design style, your home’s aesthetic, and, of course, your own tastes, we want to help you find your color personality. Whether it be relaxed, dramatic, or balanced, we have ideas and tips for choosing the perfect palette for you.

If you have trouble on chosing colour paint for your walls, no worries, our color consultant will help you to choose your favorite colour. You can either subscribe to our Colour Scheme Services or On-site consultation.