The Right System

Moisture Test

We will do moisture test before we start applying paint to ensure nothing happen or avoid any paint problems in future. It is important to consider moisture test before applying paint. If it’s not treated properly, the moisture intrusion will lead the wall into:
  • Efflorescense
  • The presence of water – filled blister
  • Peeling off the interior paint
  • Deteriorated drywall
  • Presense of mold

It doesn’t matter if the substrate is wood, concrete, stucco, concrete block or metal, it is important that the amount of moisture present to be measured and accomodated. At MyPainter, we don’t just only do painting, we do proper project planning, deciding which steps should come first.

Paint At The Right Time

If your home or building are still under renovation, we will plan the schedule job with your other contractors. Painting have to come in at the right time, after the wet works and before the final furniture moved in. We are glad to work together with your other contractors to create the perfect home for you.
It is hard to estimate the drying time for a newly plastered cement wall as thickness and temperature plays a big role here. Especially in Malaysia with our hush weather, proper painting is very important making sure each layer of paint is applied perfectly.
With more than 20 years of painting experience and with the new innovation of paint products, we are able to pin point the problems and solution for your painting projects.

Your Home Is In Good Hands

From interior house painting to exterior house painting, you can rest assure the quality and professional service you will get from Mypainter Painting Services. We know exactly what we are doing and foresee any up coming problems before painting. We will discuss any posible problems and find the right solution to make your home, a better one.

Work On Your Budget

Mypainter painting services provide a professional painting service that can work within your budget. We are happy to understand your budget and will propose the right painting system for you. From choosing type of paints and sealers to even cut cost tips.