MacoAvell Special Effect

Mypainter painting services offers traditional Marmorino Venetian stucco/plaster of the finest quality producing unique and unsurpassed polished plaster finishes in numerous textures and colours. The Marmorino polished plaster is renowned for its versatility and durability and can be used to enrich traditional design schemes and contemporary projects.  It is equally ideal for the replication of architectural features such as classic stonework, indented or embossed patterns and antique patinas from opaque colours to the translucency of alabaster.

Venetian Plaster – Marmorino plaster is the finest in Italian wall finishes, the marble like finish of a natural limed-based plaster can be use on interior walls. The term Marmorino refers to a type of Venetian plaster throughout the industry. Marmorino, an Italian word that refers to small particles of marble, is commonly considered as a slaked lime plaster type product capable of creating smooth and medium textured effects, polished walls with depth, and gentle shades and color tones with the use of a trowel or spatula.

Nippon Momento

Interested in the special effects look of wallpapers? Let us introduce you to the new Nippon Momento Paint , a brand new premium House Painting product from Nippon Paint, which allows you create the textured effects you so desire on your feature walls.

Nippon Momento lets you recreate intricate works of italian craftmanship in your home.

The paint has a distinctive wallpaper effect that turns ordinary walls intro extraordinary master pieces.

Formulated with low VOC, it contains no lead, mercury, chrome or heavy metal.

Nippon Momento come in a selection of top coat finishes: Momento Elegant; introduces stylish impression to walls with a luxurious finish. And Momento sparkle ( Silver, Gold or Pearl ); adds a dash of glitz to walls with a finish that sparkles like a gem.